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Genesis 39 -- back to gay, hottie, enslaved Joseph

Joseph appears to have been pretty smart and charismatic. Also, we are told in plain text that he was "well-built and handsome". I forgot to tell you earlier about the pretty cloak he wore back before his brothers stripped him naked, tossed him down a well, and sold him to slavers.

A footnote said the cloak may have been similar to what an unmarried royal daughter would wear.

So, Joseph was a princess. And hot. And smart. And charming.

He was bought from the slavers by the Pharaoh's chief of staff, and ended up being so good at everything he was put in charge of his owner's personal household.

Being a hottie, his owner's wife kept trying to seduce him. Being gay, Joseph kept saying no. How else could he withstand a Biblical babe's temptations?? He must have been gay. One day, while wifey was again trying to seduce him, she pulled his robe off and he ran away. Then she changed her story, claiming Joseph was trying to rape her, so husband threw Joseph in jail.

Where Joseph apparently gave really good blowjobs to the warden, who put him in charge of all the other prisoners.

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