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Genesis 40, 41 -- Joseph becomes the first Democrat

It turns out Joseph is a good fortune teller for his fellow prisoners. But this doesn't help him get out of jail. Not immediately.


Oh, wait. Two years later, the Pharaoh has some weird dreams. He asks wise men far and wide to interpret his dreams for him, but they are all stumped. Then a former prisoner who works in the Pharaoh's house tells him of Joseph, who is summoned from the dungeon.

Joseph says the dream means Egypt is about to have seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of famine. So use the years of plenty to save up for the years of famine.

The Pharaoh was so impressed he made Joseph his prime minister, in charge of all Egypt, so he could direct the preparations for the famine.

Via high taxes, Joseph confiscated all the extra grain during the seven years of plenty, and stored it up. Then during the seven years of famine, Joseph provided for the people of Egypt. It appears Joseph was a Democrat, and the inventor of Food Stamps! Egypt became the welfare state envy of the entire Biblical world.

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