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Genesis 18, 19 -- wherein gay raping males are bad, and daughters are horny for daddy

Here we come to the destruction of Sodom, where Abraham's nephew Lot had taken up residence as a legal immigrant with his wife and daughters. Finally, we learn of somebody's daughters!

But first, God went to Abraham to warn him of the imminent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, for the residents were being gravely sinful in some unspecified manner.

Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy his nephew's adopted city, so long as God found ten righteous men there. God agreed, but only if he found ten righteous men there.

God sent two of his angels to visit Sodom. Lot saw these angels at the gate to the city, and convinced them to spend the night at his house instead of in the city square, presumably because they wouldn't be safe otherwise. He threw them a banquet to show his hospitality. But before they could retire, all of the male residents of Sodom surrounded Lot's house and demanded to fuck the awesomely handsome gay angels.

Lot refused them, but he did offer the services of his two young straight virgin daughters instead. Please crowd, take my daughters and leave these two handsome gay male guests of mine alone!

The crowd didn't want to fuck the girls instead, they wanted some hot gay angel manflesh! So they rushed the door. The gay angels struck the crowd blind to protect Lot and his family.

Then the angels warned Lot to escape with his family, quickly, before God nuked the town. Don't even look back! Lot did barely escape, but when his wife looked back to gaze upon the nuclear destruction, she was turned into salt.

Lot was traumatized, understandably, so he decided to live the rest of his days in the wilderness with his two still-not-raped daughters, away from other humans. His daughters were horny, though, and wanted Lot to have male descendants before he died, so they got him drunk and fucked him, and both became preggers by him. This was not punished by God.


OK, the Book of Genesis didn't actually say the angels were gay, or the daughters were straight.

My understanding is that there were no cultural categories for gay or straight when the Book of Genesis was written.

But to the extent anybody tries to use the destruction of Sodom as proof that God doesn't like homosexuality, doesn't it really show that God doesn't like for men to rape men? Meanwhile, God is OK with men raping women at their father's behest, and God is OK with daughters raping their own fathers? This chapter is really about when rape is OK. And it is not OK when mobs of men want to rape God's male angels. Full stop.

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