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Genesis 20 -- Abraham and Sarah do their fake sister act again

They do it again! Abraham travels to another land with Sarah, and again they lie about her being his sister, and again the local king takes her as his wife, and again God punishes the unknowing king for adultery, sentencing him and all his household to death.

In his defense Abraham tells us all that, um, Sarah really is his sister. Half sister. She is his father's daughter. And yet, she is also his wife. So it wasn't really a total lie.

The king pays Abraham off with flocks and herds and male and female slaves and a thousand shekels and whichever land Abraham may want to settle upon. In return, Abraham asks God to pardon the king's household.


Really? They do this a second time? How is this in any way considered acceptable behavior for God and his chosen people? They are con artists teamed up with a bully.

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