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Genesis 16 -- more adultery

10 years have gone by since God promised descendants to Abram. No babies. Now he's 85 years old.

Sarai blames the LORD for her inability to have children. She asks Abram to have sex with one of their slaves instead. Of course, it was Sarai's idea! Abram obeys his wife, like men do, and has sex with one of their slaves, who immediately gets preggers.

Sarai gets jealous, blames herself, but then torments the poor preggers slave until she runs away.

The LORD tells the slave to go back home and submit to Sarai. She does.

But God says her son will be difficult and disliked and will not get to live in the Promised Land with everybody else. As we've already learned, it is the innocents who get punished when God's law is broken. You're an illegitimate child? Too bad, you are cursed and sent into exile. Is Abram punished? Of course not.

Oh, and nobody ever has daughters. That we hear about, anyway.

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