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Genesis 7 -- and arrives the Flood!

Yeah, the Flood. Noah and his family and his millions of animals escaped in his boat. It rained for 40 days, until the entire planet was covered with water higher than the highest mountains. The water remained for 150 days, until every living thing was dead, except for Noah and his family.

God had determined Noah was the only righteous human, but we aren't told specifically what made Noah different.

This is not a forgiving God, he is willing to destroy everybody and every thing. He creates, he destroys. He gets angry a lot. He sets up traps and tests for his humans. He inexplicably withholds his affections. But so far we have no idea what exactly makes a human "righteous" or "wicked". How are we to get in good with God? There's no evidence that God is trying to communicate with his humans. Perhaps he needs a good therapist?

Even if this story is not to be taken literally, I'm not sure what we are supposed to take away from it. Be good and God won't destroy you and your family, but he still might destroy everything else.

So far there is no mention of Heaven or Hell or any kind of afterlife for humans. Death is Game Over.

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