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Genesis 8 -- God promises not to do this again

Noah has to wait a long time for all the waters to recede, several months.

After they do, he, his family, his animals, all leave the boat and proceed to do what life forms do best: multiply.

Noah had brought along some extra animals that weren't needed for breeding pairs. He sacrificed some of these animals to God. When God smelled the sweet meat, he promised never to punish humanity like this again, even though we are evil. He seems to accept now that all humans will have evil desires.

OK, I'm starting to realize that God likes us to sacrifice animals in his honor, for some reason. In fact, back in the Cain vs. Abel story, Cain made an offering of produce, while Abel made an offering of animal parts. God liked the animal parts, not the produce. So, whereas humans are to eat plants, God wants us to kill animals in honor of him.


So, what was the Flood for, if not to cleanse the earth of evil humans? If all humans are going to be evil from youth, what caused God to spare Noah and Noah's family? If Noah's descendants are going to be evil anyway, what was the point?

Seriously, I'm not getting it. Am I supposed to take away from this that God had a temper tantrum, but by wiping out billions of beings he learned how better to accept their faults? But where does this evil he hates come from? Didn't God create the universe, and humans in his own image? Isn't God the source of all evil? Why didn't he make humans good in the first place? Why, if Noah was actually good, did God expect the same evil crap from Noah's descendants?

And why, after the Great Flood, does the additional sacrifice by Noah of a few animals make everything all right? This isn't logical.

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