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Genesis 6 -- here comes the Flood!

This chapter is divided into two parts.

The first part tells us, for the first time? that God has sons. And that these sons thought human females were hot. And that these sons were allowed to choose for themselves whichever wives they pleased. When these sons of God fathered children with human wives, they caused "the heroes of old" to be born.

Then God decided that humans should not live so long, that 120 years is long enough.


OK, time out. God had sons? So Jesus was not the first. So is this how women tended to explain illegitimate children, by claiming they'd had sex with a son of God? And that such children should not be killed by jealous male relations, because they would turn out to be heroes?

Regardless, the cavalier way in which women are treated as sexual objects to be taken by males (semi-divine or not) at whim is disturbing.

And where did these sons of God come from? Who were the mothers?



Part two is where God discovered that every human everywhere is "always nothing but evil". So he decided to destroy the planet and every living thing with a great flood. I'm not sure which behaviors or thoughts in particular God found to be wicked, he said all of them. I guess we should just infer that people are naturally wicked, and always were. The experiment failed. Game Over.

Except, oops, God found exactly one righteous man, that Noah fella. So God warned him of the upcoming disaster, giving him time to build a boat for himself, his wife, his sons, their families, and two of every living creature.

We should note that modern biologists estimate there are millions of species of animal on the planet, so Noah had to squeeze quite a few animals into his boat. And feed them.

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