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Matthew 6

More of the kinda stuff Jesus said:

When you do the right thing, don't make a big deal of it. Don't brag to people about how righteous you are. If you give to a charity, do it anonymously, don't ask them to name a brick or a building after you. God will know you are doing the right thing, nobody else needs to know.

And when you pray, don't make a big deal of it. Don't dress up and go to a church or synagogue. Don't pray in public. When you pray, go to a private room in your own dwelling, close the door, and pray quietly to your unseen God. God will hear you. Nobody else needs to.

If you aren't sure what to say, say this:

God, I bow before you.
You're the guy in charge, not me.
Please help me through this day.
Forgive me my faults, as I have forgiven others.
Help me to avoid giving in to my temptations.
Help me to avoid doing evil things.
Thank you!

And make sure you do forgive others, if you expect God to forgive you.

And when you fast, don't make a big deal of it. Don't complain. Take your morning shower and brush your teeth like any other day, so nobody will know of your fasting. God will know. Nobody else needs to.

And don't try to save up riches for yourself on earth, riches won't last, they'll only be stolen from you. Be more concerned with the rewards you'll have in Heaven, rewards that will last, rewards that can never be stolen from you. Nobody can serve two masters, you'll end up loving one and hating the other, so don't try to serve both Money and God.

And don't worry so much! Don't worry so much about what you'll have for dinner, or what clothes to wear. Do you see the birds and trees worrying about these things? Do the birds pile up birdseed for their retirement? No, they trust in God to feed them in the future. Do the trees worry about dressing up to look their best? No, they exhibit God's beauty as they are. Don't worry so much. If you do the right thing today, God will take care of you tomorrow. Focus on doing the right thing today.

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