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Matthew 7

One more chapter of the kinda stuff Jesus said:

And do not judge whether other people are righteous, that's not your job. If you do judge others, expect them to judge you the same way, for every little thing you find wrong with them, they'll find even more wrong with you! And they'll be right! ;-) So you think somebody is a hypocrite? So are you! We're all hypocrites. Before judging other people, first judge yourself.

If you need something, ask for it. How can anybody give you what you need if you don't ask?

And in everything, treat other people the way you'd like them to treat you. That pretty much sums up all the laws of the Roman Alliance and the Jewish Religion.

When you have a choice between the broad, easy path, and the narrow, difficult path, choose the difficult path. The difficult path is the more rewarding.

And watch out for false prophets! This can be difficult, because false prophets disguise themselves like wolves in sheep's clothing. But there's a way to see through their disguises: watch what they do.

And not everybody who claims to follow me will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who follow God's will. Claiming that you preached in my name and accomplished great deeds won't help, if you ignore God's will.

Therefore, follow my teachings, and you will be as safe as the little piggy who built his house of brick. Fail to follow my teachings, and you will be in danger as the little piggy who built his house of straw.

The people who came to listen to Jesus were amazed at the logic and candor of his teachings, saying to each other, "And he isn't even an ordained minister!"

The Alliance spies wrote down everything they heard, and reported back to headquarters.

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