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Strip Phase 10

Phase 10TM is a fun card game produced by Fundex Games Ltd.. I love playing this game as-is, but I've also played Strip Phase 10 with some of my friends. I'd like to share the rules with you, so you can share in the nekkid fun!

1. All the normal Phase 10 rules are in force. Set up and play the game as you normally would.

2. Define what constitutes clothing before beginning to play Strip Phase 10. If it matters to you or the others, make sure that each person is wearing the same number of clothes. I suggest that you only count underwear, shirts, pants, socks, and shoes. I suggest that no accessories or jewelry should count, no belts, no shoelaces, etc. Just to make sure, everybody should agree on how many pieces of clothing they are wearing, and what those pieces are, before beginning.

3. Choose a dealer and begin playing the first hand according to the normal Phase 10 rules.

4. At the end of each hand, anybody who did not complete their Phase must remove a piece of clothing.

[4a. Variation One: Anybody who did not go out must remove a piece of clothing. This fosters accelerated group nudity.]

[4b. Variation Two: The winner of the hand may choose a player who must remove a piece of clothing.]

[4c. Variation Three: The player with the highest score for the hand must remove a piece of clothing.]

[4d. Variation Four: Treat "Skip" cards as though they are "Strip" cards -- to use, simply discard the "Strip" card on your turn, then choose a player who must remove a piece of clothing.]

[4e. Multiple Variations: Create your own combination of the above variations for a faster slide toward group nudity!]

5. If you run out of clothes before the end of the game, then each time the rules call for you to remove a piece of clothing, you must either drink a shot of hard liquor or chug a bottle of beer instead.

6. If a player passes out from drinking too much, place him or her on a comfortable mattress (rubber sheets optional) until the next day. Check him or her occasionally to ensure continued breathing. If breathing stops, administer CPR and call 911 immediately.


If you like these rules, check out my rules for Strip Scrabble!

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