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Strip Scrabble

(Update: I finally played Strip Scrabble for the first time on June 11, 2004! I was the last person to get naked! I want to play again!)


The Rules for Strip Scrabble

1. Other than as described below, all the normal Scrabble rules are in force. Set up and play the game as you normally would. Keep your Official Scrabble Players Dictionary nearby!

2. Define what constitutes clothing before beginning to play Strip Scrabble. If it matters to you or the others, make sure that each person is wearing the same number of clothes. I suggest that you only count underwear, shirts, pants, socks, and shoes. I suggest that no accessories or jewelry should count, no belts, no shoelaces, etc. Just to make sure, everybody should agree on how many pieces of clothing they are wearing, and what those pieces are, before beginning.

3. Determine who goes first according to the normal Scrabble rules.

4. For Strip Scrabble purposes, treat each wordplay around the table as one round. Each round begins with the person who started first at the beginning of the game.

5. At the end of each round, the person with the lowest score for that round must remove one piece of clothing. Do not use the total score for each player, but only the points scored during that round, for determining who must strip. If there is a tie for lowest score, then each person with the lowest score removes a piece of clothing.

6. If there is a challenge, the penalty for a successfully challenged play remains as normal (the offending player removes the word and loses the round, receiving zero points), but the penalty for an unsuccessful challenge is for the challenger to lose the round, receiving zero points, even if the challenger has already played a word this round.

7. The game ends, as in regular Scrabble, when the bag of tiles is empty and one of the players has used all of his or her own tiles. For Strip Scrabble purposes, the final round is scored without reference to the words played during the final round. Those who still have tiles receive a negative score equal to the sum of their own tile values. The person without tiles receives a positive score equal to the sum of everybody's tile values. The lowest score (i.e., the biggest negative score) loses the round.


Optional Sex-Slave Bondage Rules:

8A. Optional: If you run out of clothes before the end of the game, then you will become the sex slave of the person with the overall high score at the end of the game. It is possible to become your own sex slave. It is also possible to win more than one sex slave.

9A. Optional: The sexual slavery lasts until dawn. Sexual slaves may be shared with the other players, at the discretion of the owner ;-)

10A. Optional: Bondage toys sold separately.


Optional Drinking Game Rule:

8B. Optional: If you are already naked and you are required to remove a piece of clothing, you must drink a shot of alcohol instead. I recommend Peppermint Schnapps ;-)


Optional S/M Game Rules:

(What the hell, you might as well start the game naked if you wanna use these rules!)

8C. Optional: If you are already naked and you are required to remove a piece of clothing, the person with the highest score for that round may place a clothespin anywhere on your body. This clothespin must remain on that spot until the end of the game.

8D. Optional: If you are already naked and you are required to remove a piece of clothing, the person with the highest score for that round may spank your ass with a paddle one time for each round you have lost thus far.



If you like these rules, check out my rules for Strip Phase 10!

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