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The Game of Monopoly: Citizens United version

Yesterday some of us were talking about designing a new version of Monopoly, the Citizens United version. Ideas included: (1) Rename the Chance cards to Privilege, (2) Every hour on the hour, the Bank will hold a secret auction (sealed bids) for the right to change one of the rules, (3) A player can incorporate and sell shares of her corporation to other players to raise capital, (4) At the beginning of the game, roll the dice to see which player is the 1%, this player starts the game owning half of the properties (determined at random) and half of the cash in the Bank, (5) Anybody who owns a hotel is never required to Go to Jail, (6) Three strikes you're out -- upon a player's third trip to jail the player is never released from jail, (7) the so-called Income Tax is abolished because it is actually a tax on wealth, (8) Free Parking is renamed Parking and the space is treated as a third utility (can be purchased for $150, etc.).

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