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Revelation 20

Just like in those horror movies, every time you think the Beast is finally dead, it turns out he isn't. Maybe it is not possible to kill him, perhaps he has eternal life, just like God.

Since the Beast apparently can't be killed, instead God tied him up, created an immense pit of fire, and tossed him into it: to burn for a thousand years. I think this pit might be what we call Hell. The Beast would be allowed back out in a thousand years -- Lord knows why -- so he could once again deceive the nations of the Earth. I guess God figures he'd get bored if his enemies simply disappeared forever.

Having won the war against the Beast, now it was time for Judgment Day down on Earth. Several court chambers were set up and every human, dead or alive, waited in line to be judged according to their deeds.

Anybody judged guilty was thrown into the pit of fire.

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