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Revelation 19

Back in the egg, the 24 elders and 4 bug-eyed creatures fell down and worshiped God, praising the destruction of that mercantilist center called London. Alleluia! Smoke will rise from her forever and ever.

It was then announced the Lamb would shortly get married. Not to any human or angel, but to God's Church. A frenzy of preparations consumed the chamber. I wondered what the cake would look like ;-)

Remember that black baby born of the white mother who caused Heaven's civil war? Well, now he was a grown adult, and he was placed on a great white horse and sent down to earth for a final battle against the Beast.

The Beast lost.

God won.

I think the main message you should be getting from my vision is that you'd rather be on God's side, because he's not only a mean fucking bastard -- he's the more powerful mean fucking bastard.

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