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Revelation 12

At that moment, as the egg broke apart, a white woman was giving birth to a black boy who was destined to rule the planet.

If I'd been a real angel, living in Heaven since the beginning of Time, listening to the news, forming opinions about how God's administration was fucking things up, joining a political party or volunteering for a candidate, maybe I would've understood what happened next.

Civil war broke out in Heaven.

One faction of angels wanted to save the black boy and his mother, the other faction wanted to destroy them. It was difficult for me to figure out which side was right.

But God took the side of the boy protectors, so of course they won the civil war, and the losing angels were thrown down to Earth. Their leader was called Satan. He seemed to hold a grudge. His forces started attacking the God-loving humans who were still alive down there. It wasn't pretty.

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