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Revelation 11

Busy work. I guess they wanted to keep me busy. They gave me a measuring tape and told me to measure the egg. This was nearly impossible.

Then they asked me to count the number of saved humans in the egg. Yeah. Right. Like God couldn't do the math himself.

I followed orders.


Meanwhile, lots was happening down on Earth. God sent a couple of prophets around, but you know people don't listen, they don't like hearing about how the polar ice caps are melting and the whales are becoming extinct.

The prophets were killed. And people celebrated their murders like it was Christmas! Exchanging gifts! So God resurrected the prophets, brought them to Heaven, and let them watch while he caused thousands of deaths in massive earthquakes. Of course, during the killer earthquakes the 24 elders and I had to do that continuous song & dance thing about how great God is, etc., etc.

Then the egg broke open. It was time.

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