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Revelation 4

Then a door opened into the sky and Jesus invited me into Heaven, where he said I'd see the future.

I saw God sitting on His throne of jasper and carnelian, surrounded by an emerald halo.

On both sides were 24 lesser thrones, occupied by multicultural elders wearing gold crowns.

In front of him were 4 weird creatures covered with eyes on all sides, one looked like a lion, another a calf, the third a human, the last an eagle. But each creature had 6 wings, and all of them were singing endless songs of praise while sort of flying in place.

At the end of each repeating verse, the 24 elders would throw their crowns to the ground in front of God, lie down on their bellies, and thank God for giving life to all His creation. And then get back up again.

It seemed this display had been playing on an endless loop, since the Beginning of Time. It looked like Hell to me ...

cause you know sometimes words have two meanings

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