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Genesis 37 -- Jacob's son Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers

Joseph was Jacob's favorite son, and he had a bad habit of telling his brothers of certain dreams he had in which everybody would bow down before him as though Joseph were king.

So his brothers hated him and wanted him to die.

One day they almost killed him, but instead they stripped him naked and threw him down a well. Then they decided to sell him into slavery for $700, and tricked Jacob into thinking a wild animal had killed Joseph.

Jacob was inconsolable at the loss of his favorite son.


So, I guess back in those days, anybody could sell anybody into slavery to anybody.

A footnote to this chapter claims there is "never a doubt" this horrible act was orchestrated by God in his divine purpose. So I must conclude that, without a doubt, God has endorsed slavery. Yet another reason to side with Satan and reject God, eh?

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