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Genesis 27 -- more lies, deception, and unfair results for the good guy

Isaac's firstborn were twin boys, remember. The first out of the chute was Esau, the second Jacob. Once upon a time, Esau had jokingly promised his rights as firstborn to Jacob in return for a meal. Ha ha ha. ha.

Isaac was getting old and feeble, so it was time for him to anoint a successor. Of course he selected his firstborn Esau. He told Esau to go hunting and then prepare a feast for Daddy, so Daddy could bless him.

Isaac's wife preferred Jacob for some reason (perhaps he was cuter? bigger cock?), so Mommy assisted Jacob in fooling Daddy, who had gone blind and mostly deaf from old age. Jacob put on an Esau costume (with hairy chest!), and presented Daddy with a Mommy-cooked feast while Esau was still out hunting. Daddy was fooled and blessed Jacob instead. Oops!

Esau returned, innocently prepared his feast, brought the food to Daddy, where the deception was uncovered. But too late, Daddy had already blessed Jacob. Such a blessing could not be undone, even though mistaken, so Jacob would inherit. So Daddy cursed Esau instead.

Not fair at all!

Esau flew into a murderous rage, so Jacob fled until things calmed down a bit.

[Note the complicity of the female in this deception. This seems to be all females are good at in the Book of Genesis.]

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