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Genesis 26 -- Isaac and Rebekah take over the sister act

After such a wild start, Genesis is starting to feel boring and repetitive, and I'm only halfway through!

Another famine sends Isaac and his family, slaves, animals, etc., to another land, where Isaac pretends his wife is his sister. God directed Isaac to a particular land, making similar promises to those made to Abraham, which God kept "because Abraham obeyed me."

It is all about obedience after all. If only it were easy to tell when God is speaking to us and what he is saying. Anyway.

Well, this time the sister act didn't work, because the local king caught Isaac fondling his wife, and didn't believe the lie. So no adulterous marriage to the local king occurred.

Isaac became extremely wealthy under God's blessing, and had to keep moving to avoid annoying the locals with his growing demands for (their) resources and infrastructure.

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