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We'll never have world peace or end poverty until we first fix the little things

I don't drive much. I do spend a lot of time on the subway, and some time on the bus. I view the crowds on Metro as my own microcosm of human society, and it makes me humble. From riding Metro I've learned that we'll never have world peace or end poverty until we first fix the little things, like letting people disembark before pushing your way onto the car, standing to the right on the escalators, giving up your seat for pregnant females or elderly folk, and realizing that another train will soon follow the one you just missed.

And I can't expect Americans to love the Muslims of Central Asia (or vice versa) when we don't even love the middle-aged woman fumbling with her farecard at the turnstyle.

If we want a utopia, if we want to express our sophistication via criticism, let's start with the little things, the everyday stuff, like how we behave while commuting to work ... before we expect more from humanity ;-)

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