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Two types ... "hot" or "smart"

(I wrote this on October 4, 2001)

There is some overlap ... it isn't like brains always come at the price of brawn, or vice versa ...

But it occurred to me this morning that if I spent as much time working out as I spend "thinking" out, that I'd be one terribly hot dude ;-) (This is not a request for people to tell me that I'm "hot" just the way I am!)

I'm a really smart guy, and I like being really smart, and I maintain that sense of feeling really smart by spending a lot of time reading and writing, a lot of time tuned into print media, a lot of time interacting with other really smart people. And, I've followed career paths that demand a lot of smarts, such as corporate tax law.

There are probably guys who think of themselves as really hot, and who like being really hot, and who maintain that sense of feeling really hot by spending a lot of time in the gym, a lot of time playing sports, a lot of time interacting with other really hot guys. They might pursue careers that demand a lot of physical activity ...

I guess I've made my choice, that I'd rather maximize being smart than being hot. I can still exercise, but I need to hold it in perspective. I'm never going to be as hot as the fellas who spend most of their time working at it.

Neither my mind nor my body will last forever.

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