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Let Global Warming Happen

All that carbon dioxide released by the burning of fossil fuels used to be part of the atmosphere, until it was removed by plants (the planet used to be much warmer than it is today). All we hydrocarbon burners are doing is returning that carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, where it belongs, where it came from.

If we were not doing so, then the long-term plant-facilitated removal of carbon dioxide would continue, until there wasn't any left, and then all the plants would die, and the planet would get very cold, and then all the mammals would die (including us humans), and the cycle of life on earth would end.

Global warming is simply one half of a natural life cycle, in which plants fix carbon dioxide (cooling the planet), and humans free it (warming the planet). To claim that somebody is hurt by this natural cycle is like claiming that somebody is hurt by rainfall, or evaporation, or sunlight, or night time, or the progression of the four seasons.

So, I think a proper stance on global warming is to allow this natural cycle to continue. Help it if you'd like, or just watch.

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