"It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired." --Robert Heinlein

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Insights from Lost & Found

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The Rules

(I wrote these rules on September 27, 2001)

1. Everybody experiences every human emotion at some point; but people are not always open and honest about their feelings.

2. Everybody breaks rules; but people are not always open and honest about their behavior.

3. Most people have cheated or will cheat on their monogamous partners; but they won't always confess.

4. Most people justify their own opinions by thinking that people who disagree are stupid or lying or evil.

5. Most people complain about "those in charge", and believe that they would do a better job than "those in charge".

6. Once people are actually "in charge" they usually discover that things are much more difficult to control than they thought.

7. Most people don't act like living itself is always a miracle.

8. People adjust to their surroundings, take good things for granted, and complain about bad things.

9. People won't grow unless they are exposed to stressful circumstances; but some people break when they are exposed to stressful circumstances.

10. Nobody has unlimited potential; everybody has limits, but not everybody tests their limits.

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