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Vote for Nader ;-)

Nader for President

The more Democrats get mad at Nader, the more I want to vote for Nader, just to support the freedom of "minor" party candidates to run for President and present their alternate platforms to the citizenry. There are some things more important than beating Bush -- such as continuing to support a Constitutional republican form of democracy where anybody who meets the Constitutional criteria to run for President may run for President.

Some Democrats want to blame Nader for Bush, and I agree that Bush is the worst President since Nixon, but these Democrats believe they own Nader's votes, as though he were the only barrier between them and the White House. These Democrats would rather suppress my Constitutional rights to run for President and vote for whomever I choose, than lose.

Despite all the focus on Nader, Nader wasn't the only minor party candidate on Florida's ballot. According to the official count, Bush beat Gore by only 537 votes in Florida. But every minor party candidate got more than 537 votes in Florida, not just Nader. Browne got more than 537 votes. Buchanan got more than 537 votes. Hagelin got more than 537 votes. Harris got more than 537 votes. McReynolds got more than 537 votes. Moorehead got more than 537 votes. Nader got more than 537 votes. And Phillips got more than 537 votes. http://www.fec.gov/pubrec/2000presgeresults.htm

Making Nader the scapegoat for Bush is no better than making Queers the scapegoat for the decline of the American family. Bush got more votes than Gore. Bush is the reason Gore lost.

Show the American people why Kerry would make a better President than Bush, or Nader, or anybody else on the ballot. Do that, and Kerry will win.

Wake me in November.

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