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Are you a discriminating consumer of incarceration services? Then choose us!

(I wrote this comment on 12/13/02)

As long as we are "reinventing" and "privatizing" government, with the IRS calling taxpayers "customers" and public schools allowing "choice" ... I think President Bush should promote a new Cellblock Choice plan for our 2,000,000+ and growing prison population, Leave No Criminals Behind!

Upon sentencing, inmates would receive a variety of brochures from competing incarceration service providers. Inmates with extra non-laundered cash could choose high-end incarceration by paying a monthly fee. Each year, in December, inmates would be offered an "open season" during which they could switch prisons with no questions asked.

I think it is the decent thing to do, it would promote competition in the prison industry, and provide better rehabilitation services to the incarcerated. Maybe some people would even choose to go to prison on their own before committing a crime!

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