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The Cost of Dying

My father had already purchased a burial plot, when my mother died in 1994. So, exclusive of the burial plot, here are the expenses my Step-Mom authorized:

1,475 -- Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
375 -- Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony
195 -- Funeral Home Owned Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service
355 -- Embalming of Normal Remains
75 -- Hairdresser
165 -- Transfer of Remains to Funeral Establishment
160 -- Hearse(s)
160 -- Utility Vehicle(s)
1,995 -- Clarksburg Lincoln Poplar Casket w/ Beige Interior
20 -- Guest Register Book(s)
91 -- Virginia State Sales Tax
100 -- Ten Certified Copies of Death Certificates

Grand Total Funeral Service Contract: $5,066

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