"It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired." --Robert Heinlein

The Church of Reality




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Embracing Emotions, Embracing Evil, Embracing Everything

I believed certain emotions were bad. I believed certain actions were evil. I believed certain terrain should be avoided.

I believed I should not feel anger. I believed I should not cause pain. I believed I should fear particular people, places, or outcomes.

I wanted to live in an ideal world.

I wanted to sacrifice myself for a vision of what ought to be.

Then I realized, as a human, ultimate knowledge is not possible. Ultimate control is not possible. Sacrifice won't stop what I fear, or create what I desire. My fears and desires are both imaginary, the greater expanse of reality occurs outside of my grasp. All of my thoughts are merely internal images. Reality is what I perceive via my senses, but far more than I can ever perceive via my senses, and I am most alive when I open to whatever I perceive, hiding from nothing, splitting from nothing, slashing at nothing, embracing everything that enters my perceptual well.


We do no favors by giving others, or ourselves, what we most want. The best favor we can give ourselves is to want what we already have within our grasp and within ourselves. The best favor we can give others is to listen to them and touch them with compassion.

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