"It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired." --Robert Heinlein

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When You Fuck Me I Become Enormous

When you fuck me I become enormous:
A greatness grows inside me,
Around your cock I


Resistance amplifies, friction heats,
Pushing pulls up power so I
Struggle, thrashing and yelling, straining against you

Restraining, you overpower me,
hold me down
hold me still so I can feel ... heat ... pressure ... delicate tissues stretched beyond reason ...

You burn through me red like vaporizing stone

You grab my hair, cover my mouth, drown me with
Your tongue, sweet complicated taste of hot mixed spit
I suck you in, your wetness ...

I stretch, not knowing why, so I
Take you in deeper, push you back, you
Fuck a rougher rhythm, swift I levitate and
Still you hold me down, thrusting
Through me ... all walls melt ...

I can take you, all of you, and I can give you back.

-- Dossie Easton

(translated and adapted from Lesbianese by Matthew Dominic Hunter)

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