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the Christian gaze

I wrote this on December 13th, 2015

People I don't know have initiated conversations with me, both on the street and inside the exhibitor hall, in which they tell me, "Jesus loves you."

I'm not used to this where I live and work, so I've accepted their handouts politely.

But as I think about it, this is like guys going up to unfamiliar gals to try to pick them up. It feels like a form of aggression to me. This sort of proselytizing is a form of aggression. Your intent, proselytizers, is to completely change my personal belief system, and you attempt to do so by professing love for me before you even know me. This is manipulative, just like it would be if a guy told an unfamiliar gal that he loves her.

Just as the female is the object of the male gaze, the gentile is the object of the Christian gaze. Stop looking at me, Christians. I'm not your next convert. My belief system is my own.

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