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I mean this seriously although some might find it offensive, of course

If transgender men are men, and transgender women are women -- and I believe both of these statements to be true -- when can we stop referring to transgender men and women as "transgender"?

I'm a man, and it would irk me if people started referring to me as a "transgender man". I mean, I'm not a transgender man, but if I were it would still irk me. At what point can a person leave their transition behind and simply be the gender they wanted and want to be? By calling them transgender you're not allowing them to pass as their chosen gender, you're calling attention to the transition, which occurred in the past, and to their former gender, which is now dead. I imagine this must be emotionally and mentally exhausting, to always be stuck in transition inside the vocabulary and eyes of the world, like a fly caught in amber, never allowed flight again.

I bring this up because one of the porn stars I follow on Twitter made a point of saying he's going to shoot a "hot trans scene" tomorrow. Why should it matter that it's a "trans" scene? He's not alone in doing this, "trans porn" is an often used category in the porn industry. I think partly they're trying to warn people who unfortunately might not be into it, partly they're fetishizing trans, partly they're trying to show how woke they are.

If we truly believe transgender women are women, and transgender men are men, when will we start acting like it and stop calling out that they're transgender? We're acting like these are third and fourth genders instead of a choice to transition to the other gender. If they have chosen transition, then they are the other gender now. Leave that dead gender behind. Leave the transition behind. He's a man, she's a woman, full stop.

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