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Sexual Ecology again (so simple)

It must be so simple for young gay guys today -- you go on Prep, you pick one of the apps, you post a thirst pic, and then the (bareback) dicks enter the asses and have orgasms. Repeat.

I can't slide into that mode, I know how deadly it became, and I am pretty sure it will become deadly again. I saw people in that mode in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and I saw it kill them. I didn't join in because of my Catholic upbringing and my sexual insecurities, these things allowed me to survive.

Back during the plague years, when we were trying to get men to use condoms to reduce the spread of HIV, the most important indicator of whether a man would use a condom was whether he personally knew somebody with AIDS.

So ... now the condoms fall away. I bought a bag of 100 condoms when I started getting active with the apps. But I haven't used one. Because the boys only want to fuck bareback, so none of them have fucked me, so ... I haven't even pierced the bag containing all the individually wrapped condoms.

This time around, it isn't my Catholic upbringing and my sexual insecurities, this time it is still because I personally knew many people with AIDS.

We're recreating the sort of sexual ecology that led to the spread of HIV, and something new is going to spread, may already be spreading. This is how biology works, bros.

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