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my brain only weighs three pounds

If trust requires 100% fidelity, then I don't think anybody could trust their own judgment. As I told my sister over the weekend, the universe is a big place and my brain only weighs three pounds.

On the other hand, your judgment isn't necessarily any worse than somebody else's. So if part of the source of your lack of confidence comes from the judgments of other people, they could be wrong just as much as you.

So what's the solution to fundamental imperfection? I guess there are different approaches. One is to strive for self improvement. Another is to practice forgiveness. Another is to trust in a higher power. There might be more. And these are not incompatible approaches, you could mix them together.

I think in practice sometimes we trust our selves, or at least indulge ourselves, while other times we are skeptical of our own motives and challenge our own conclusions. I think this is just part of being human.

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