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Revelation 17

Have you ever been watching a DVD at home, thought the movie was almost over, and then checked to see how many "chapters" were left -- only to find that 10 more chapters remained? That's how I feel right now. I mean, by now you'd think that humanity had been wiped out several times over, what else could possibly happen?

Well, some humans were still alive, and some cities had been relatively untouched by all the disasters, perhaps just through random luck. For example, Madonna was doing just fine at her London estate. In fact, she was having an affair with the Beast (of course). But, despite his popularity, the Beast was still a beast.

One of God's angels poisoned the Beast's mind with stories of Madonna's infidelity. Later that day the Beast ate Madonna's flesh, burned her remains, and then went on a rampage through the streets of London. The Beast ordered his minions to execute every Madonna fan who still lived, and to destroy all remaining copies of her music.

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