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Your belated tolerance of my sexual orientation is not a gift for which I feel grateful

I wrote this rant on March 16, 2013

I find the news story of the Republican Senator who decided to support gay marriage because his 21-year-old son is gay pisses me off. Some of my gay and supportive straight friends think it is cool that gay rights continue to make progress, winning converts, even among Republicans!

But I think I've reached the point internally, where I don't see belated tolerance of my sexual orientation and my equal rights as a gift for which I will feel grateful. And if you've been a political leader for decades, sponsoring anti-gay legislation since the 1990s, and only now do you switch, and only now because your own son is gay, then fuck you. I deserved equal rights long before your son came out to you. You should have been representing the gays and lesbians in your state and in your country long ago, not just your son now.

You don't get instant forgiveness for switching sides on this, Mr. Senator. It is only the least you could've done, to finally support gay rights once somebody you love is gay.

I think it underlines for me what is wrong with conservatives in general these days. That they only care about the effects of their heartless policies when somebody in their own circle of love and friendship is affected. Like the supposedly "pro life" politicians who, when push comes to shove, want their own underage daughters to have the freedom of choice should they become pregnant. Like the supposedly "free market" politicians who accept their own taxpayer-funded health insurance without a peep. Like the supposedly "tough on crime" politicians who find ways to keep their own children out of jail when they are caught with illegal drugs. Like the supposedly "fiscal conservative" politicians who want to cut spending on everything except their own favorite programs, such as defense.

There are other human beings in the world, beyond your little circle of privilege. Bending your conservative principles to make life better for your own son shows how little empathy you have for the rest of us.

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