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Twilight Struggle as a drinking game (maybe with a little BDSM also)

Twilight Struggle: The Cold War, 1945-1989 is published by GMT Games.

For more balanced play, transform Twilight Struggle into a drinking game! As a drinking game, whichever player has more victory points at the end of each turn must take a celebratory drink. If playing as the USA, drink a shot of American bourbon. If playing as the USSR, drink a shot of Russian vodka. If the victory point track is at zero, both players take a celebratory drink!

You can also modify the Tournament bidding rule, bidding with drinks instead of influence points. If you win the bidding you must drink that number of shots, to balance the gameplay. Obviously, if you win the bidding at 4 shots, and then find yourself with a small victory point lead after every turn, you could become quite drunk :-)

Personally, I think the loser should receive 10 bare-bottom paddles from the winner -- 20 paddles if the loser started a nuclear war.


[Please don't drink and drive. Drinking and launching nukes is bad enough!]

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