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Genesis 34 -- rape and pillage

Some dude gets hot for one of Jacob's daughters, and rapes her.

But instead of apologizing, he decides he wants the girl to become his wife, so he attempts to begin negotiations with Jacob's sons to acquire the rape victim.

Jacob's sons are understandably pissed off, but they play along with the negotiations. They say, "Sure, you can marry her, but only if you and all of your male relatives and slaves become circumcised first, as that is our way."

Agreed! The rapist and all his dudes get circumcised. Two days later, while all those fellas are still in cockhead pain and recovering, Jacob's sons attack their settlement, kill all the males, and take all the women and other property for themselves.

Jacob claims this act of revenge will make him unpopular among the surrounding tribes, but his sons say family honor required the massacre.

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