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Genesis 32 -- Jacob "wrestles" all night long with a mysterious male stranger

As Jacob nears home, after 20 years absent, Esau gathers up 400 troops for what looks to be a violent reunion. Jacob is frightened and sends a large portion of his possessions ahead as make-up gifts to Esau. Then Jacob runs away to hide, I think.

During the night, Jacob meets up with a male stranger, but as this was before the Internet I'm not sure how they hooked up. They wrestle each other all night long, hopefully naked. At dawn, the frustrated stranger, unable to win the match and get any buttsex, dislocates Jacob's hip, and then renames Jacob as Israel.

Jacob assumes the mysterious stranger was God. As in, Jacob thinks he wrestled with God all night long and did not lose. Because only God would presume to change somebody's name.

OK, maybe this was completely platonic and I'm inserting my own fantasies into the text ;-)

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