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Genesis 29 -- Jacob gets two wives (at the same time)

This chapter is the story of how Jacob got two wives, one ugly, one pretty.

I think he was still on the run, due to Esau's murderous rage. Jacob went to stay with Mom's relatives, and while there he had a love-at-first-sight reaction upon seeing pretty Rachel. He agreed to become an indentured servant to her father for seven years in return for her hand in marriage. After seven years, he married ... a woman he thought was Rachel ... but it was a trick, really it was Rachel's ugly older sister. Oops!

So Rachel's father said to Jacob, "I'm sorry, but our tradition is that the older daughter must marry first. I will really let you marry Rachel if you work for me another seven years." Jacob foolishly agreed, and then got to marry Rachel also.

Jacob did not love his first ugly wife, but (because Rachel never became preggers) he fucked her anyway, often enough to have several sons by her, for which she praised God.

So, somebody please tell me where the "one man one woman" formula for marriage came from? These Book of Genesis folks seem to get along just fine without that stupid rule. Don't religious people read the Bible?

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