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Genesis 11 -- divide and subjugate?

It turns out that as humans multiplied, they learned how to construct cities, and skyscrapers, and other cool stuff. This begins to worry God, who thinks humans will become too powerful at this rate, "nothing they presume to do will be out of their reach!" God doesn't want any competition from newly omnipotent folks!

So, he scrambles things by making different groups of humans speak different languages, then he flings them across the planet.

What an insecure God. He doesn't want humans to share his knowledge of Good and Evil, he doesn't want them to live longer than 120 years, he doesn't want them to live in harmony and build cool stuff, because then humans would become more godlike.

Whatever happened to all of God's sons, though? The ones running around taking human wives and fathering the heroes of old? Might they become dangerous rivals? Will we ever hear of them again? Or have they been swept under the rug? When I read the modern Catholic Catechism it says I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, THE ONLY SON OF GOD. Only. Down the memory hole.

And why did God create the universe and humans anyway? He seems to have some sort of goal in mind, though his approach seems like trial and error so far. Still tweaking the software.

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