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Matthew 14

John the Baptist was beheaded without a trial, his head given as a birthday present to the Governor's niece, who had felt personally insulted by John's teachings.

This horrified the populace, whose sympathies went out to Jesus as the spiritual heir to John.


Jesus mourned privately. At least, he tried to. A crowd of thousands searched for him, asking for more free health care. When they found him, he got busy healing them.

But they were all far from town, and there was no food. The people got hungry.

Jesus spoke with his aides about it, "Give them something to eat,"

"But we have here only five loaves of bread and two fish. That ain't nearly enough, there's at least 5000 people here!"

Jesus replied, "That will be enough."

Miraculously, as the food was distributed it multiplied, feeding everyone with plenty left over.


Afterward, Jesus pleaded with his aides and the crowd to leave him alone so he could mourn, so finally they did. Jesus climbed a mountain to pray by himself, as he had taught others to do.

Later, his aides having taken the boat, Jesus decided to walk on the water to catch up with them. This freaked them out! But when they calmed down they realized that Jesus really must be the Son of God.

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