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I'm not sure anti-discrimination laws are worth much ...

If a business doesn't want to hire me 'cause I'm gay, that is their loss. I wouldn't want to work for a place that hated me, but was forced to hire me because the government said so. They'd just be looking for a "real" reason to fire me ASAP.

It's interesting ... the private sector is usually ahead of the public sector on accepting minorities. For example, more businesses in the US offer benefits to gay couples than governments do.

Support for government intervention against prejudice is often underwritten by fear, but the government action usually comes after it is no longer needed. For example, people fear that racism will spiral out of control if the government doesn't step in to stop it, but the actual behavior of government has been to combat a particular prejudice only after a majority of the people finally give up that prejudice.

Though we like to focus on the bad folks and make bad examples of them, the private sector is often more tolerant and accepting than the majority rule requires ;-)

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