"It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired." --Robert Heinlein

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I conversed with the ghost of U.G. Krishnamurti during my lunch break ...

You are not different from the animal. You don't want to accept that fact. The only difference is in how you think. Thinking is there in the animal also, but it has become very complex in the case of humans. That's the difference. Don't tell me that animals do not think; they do think. But in humans it has become a very complex structure, and the problem is how to free yourself from this structure and use it only as an instrument to function in this world. It has no other use at all. It has only a contingent value, to communicate something, to function in the workaday world. "Where is the subway station? Where can I get tomatoes? Where is the shopping mall?" That's all. Not philosophical concepts—those have no meaning at all. Wanting anything other than your basic needs—food, clothing, and shelter—that is where your self-deception begins, and there is no end to your self-deception along that path. So all this thinking has no meaning at all. It is just wearing you out.

I agree with you, thinking is a very tiresome thing to do all the time. It is wearing me out, so naturally I seek methods to end it, to travel without language.

It is wearing you out, and all the methods that you use are adding more and more to that, unfortunately. All the techniques and systems are adding to that. There is nothing you can do to end thinking.

All righty then! So how/when does it stop?

"How not to think?" is your real question. Do you know what that question implies? You want some way, some method, some system, some technique, and you still continue to think.

Um ... but, I don't want to think as much. Perhaps you could suggest a better "real" question.

I am not sure that you do not want to think as much. You see, you must come to a point where you say to yourself, "I am fed up with this kind of thing." Nobody can push you there. Nothing can push you there. Most people never get there, because they aren't fed up with thinking yet.

There is no way.

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