"It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired." --Robert Heinlein

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my dissipating cloud of ALL

I can not remember my past sequentially, second-to-second, as though I were once again eight years old. Instead I remember iconic memories (even though I have not thought about those moments during the past 10 years).

Iconic flashes, as though I were entering a near-death experience ... these will be the scenes I review ... but why these scenes? What was specifically important about my 5th grade friend losing his contact lens while we stood outside for a windy lunchtime? Hard lenses, not like today, they'd blow off your eyeballs on a Wichita gust of air ...

I read so many books back then. I was programmed by my elder authors, forgetting about my body, growing my mind, growing my ego into a cloud of ALL.

For decades I have believed that my cloud of ALL explained reality better than any other source.

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