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part of me feels guilty

(I wrote this on January 2, 2004)

Roger said I should write a book entitled Part of Me Feels Guilty. He said lots of people would buy it, and would nod their ways through it.

He's always telling me to write about my experiences. As if I didn't!

He thinks I should have them "published" ...


Life is pretty good to me. So good that it even lets me squander how good it is to me. I've been given intelligence, good health, family & friends, all of my material needs, and an emotional temperament that refuses to give up.

And part of me feels guilty.

Which is why I envy cats. And birds. And fish. And all of the non-memetic species, and everybody who hasn't woken from the nth order meme dream.


How does one put enlightenment back into its bottle? Automatically.

I always have more work to do ... More reality to accept. More loving of you and you and you. More attention to now. More wild moments.

And soon I'll realize that this guilt doesn't do anybody any good. There is only life, there is not life-as-if.

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