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There's only one reason why we don't have a cure for HIV / AIDS

The best argument I've ever heard for monogamy is the desire to avoid catching and spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially the nastier ones like HIV the virus that causes AIDS. I do respect people who decide to limit their sexual partners. I limit mine ... I just do so in a less rigorous fashion ;-) Plus, sexual monogamy is no reason to avoid hugs, snuggles, and nekkid massage :-)

However, it is interesting to me that, in developed countries like the United States, the only generally fatal or disabling communicable diseases are those spread by sexual contact. I think this is the direct result of our society's moral judgments against sex and promiscuity. These moral judgments cause the typical person, and our leaders, to believe that AIDS is the fault of the person who catches it, and that our society need not strain itself to find a vaccine or cure.

If HIV were spread "casually", via saliva or sneezing or coughing, we all know there'd be a vaccine or cure by now. All the casually spread diseases that can truly harm a person have a vaccine, or they are immediately stamped out via epidemiological quarantines.

So ... coughing is not viewed as a sin under contemporary social mores, even if you are spreading the flu. But fucking is viewed as a sin, even if you are wearing a condom and have been tested "disease-free". In my mind, the people coughing on the Metro are far less responsible than I am when I have safe sex with somebody who is not my spouse.

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