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I voted Libertarian in 2004

Twenty years ago I was too young to vote, only 17 years old, but if I'd been allowed to vote, I would've voted for the Libertarian candidate for President. Reagan had cut taxes, but not spending, leading to the largest deficits in American history. He'd needlessly flexed his military muscles against the so-called "terrorist" states of Libya and Syria. The Democrats nominated a liberal candidate from a liberal state, who promised to raise taxes. Nobody cared about gay rights or legalizing drugs.

So I would've voted for the Libertarian.

Now, twenty years later, after voting for Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, and Gore, I finally returned to the Libertarian Party and voted for Michael Badnarik.

I would've enjoyed seeing Bush lose, but living in the District of Columbia, which gave Kerry 90% of its vote, I didn't have to worry about helping Bush if I voted Libertarian.

I'm proud of how I voted. I think more people should give the so-called "minor" parties a chance. It's not like your single vote will decide the outcome, so why not express yourself?

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