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Boredom is a symptom of withdrawal

Despite the handy multi-media & flesh-bound stimulations surrounding me here, I spent some time prone on the floor meditating yesterday evening. (I don't assume a particular posture to meditate, I especially don't assume uncomfortable postures to meditate. I'm not a masochist 24*7, only when I'm horny.)

It occurred to me that many people resist meditation and other calming arts because they become quickly bored by sitting still within their own bodies and minds. Then I wondered who first invented the idea of "boredom", and why. Is boredom an emotion? Is boredom an effect of the body? Or is boredom a symptom of withdrawal from the modern memetic electronic rainbow soup most of us soak ourselves within? Or, worse, is boredom part of the memetic soup's immune system, designed to keep us trapped within a fully mediated existence by inducing within us a sense of boredom whenever we are unplugged?

Lots of questions, not many answers, but that's OK. By analyzing boredom I bled the air from its tires. It won't be driving me anywhere from now on.

By thoroughly deconstructing "boredom", I think I reached a new level of meditation. A level in which I no longer need thoughts to keep me company. I can let go of thoughts for an arbitrary length of time ...

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