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What comes after Buddhism?

Nobody on the Internet has written this essay, yet. According to Google ;-)

I've been studying various American strains of Buddhism for a few years now, sometimes intensely. I've learned how not to desire a wide variety of pleasures. I've experienced the trauma and excitement of spiritual rebirth. I've used Buddhist ideas to swat down some extremely pesky existential guilt and existential anxiety.

No, I haven't read everything there is to read about Buddhism. But I've read a lot. And now I feel like I've sucked the essential marrow from the bones ... further reading is becoming repetitive.

This raft of Buddhism has taken me far, and perhaps it will take me farther, but ... I don't need to keep carrying this raft with me everywhere I go. I can put it down, and walk away, knowing it will stay where I left it. I can build a different raft now, or perhaps I can simply walk on my own two feet for a while.

Not that there is anywhere special I need to go. I'm right here, now, aware, and sorta sleepy.

I don't know exactly what comes after Buddhism. Perhaps it doesn't matter. When I find out, I'll let y'all know ;-)

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